Guide To Nontoxic Cleansers...

8:00 AM

Dearest Friends, 

Confession, up until four years ago I washed my face with just warm water. It wasn't until my love affair with clean beauty began that I realized I needed a gentle cleanser that worked best for my sensitive skin while still cleaning away dirt and makeup off my face. After testing my fair share of products here are my top picks... 

If you're transitioning from a toxic to a nontoxic cleanser... Tata Harper Regenerating Cleanser
{This cleanser uses microspherical beads to gently clear and polish your skin. You can use this every night or just a few times a week to help bring moisture back to the skin after cleansing.}

If you're looking for a gentle cleanser... Farmaesthetics Fine Herbal Cleanser
{Made with only five ingredients, this cleanser delivers sneaky clean skin without stripping or irritation. While it's perfect for all skin types I highly recommend if you have sensitive skin.}

{Not only does this product work hard to really cleanse the skin but it smells incredible due to all of the essential oils in it's ingredients. A must have product for removing heavy eye makeup!}

If you're looking for a luxury cleanser... Tammy Fender Cleansing Milk
{Formulated with Bulgarian lavender for a luxurious way to soothe and cleanse the skin - without over-drying. I found this cleanser to be perfect in the winter and a plus for mature skin types due to it's gentle formulation.}

If you're looking to try a cleansing oil... One Love Organics Vitamin B Cleansing Oil
{The ultimate multi-tasking luxury, One Love's cleansing oil removes impurities and makeup while balancing skin. The Vitamin B is perfect for lifting away impurities and makeup while restoring the skins natural moisture barrier and pH balance.}

If you're too lazy for a traditional cleanser... URSA Major Face Wipes
{The perfect item to toss in your bag and use on-the-go. These face wipes remove oil and grime without stripping your skin of it's natural oils. The 4-in-1 tonic benefits in each wipe help to soothe irritation and inflammation.}

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