Summer Skin: Last Call...

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Dearest Friends,

I'm soaking up the last days of summer sun on Nantucket Island with my family. These late August days are perfectly unique. Days are spent on the beach while sweater weather nights ebb grilling local catch and vegetables for dinner around the fire pit. I'm also finishing off my summer centric natural beauty products. I've highlighted this season's winners for sun, hair and skin.    

{this has been one of my favorite purchases this summer! I spray this product on my ends and let my hair air dry for an effortlessly tasseled look.}

{this serum is packed with ingredients that help fight sun-spots as well as help reduce age spots and wrinkles caused by too much sun exposure.}

{time outside can cause my lips to become dry. Using this gentle scrub to exfoliate and following up with a lip balm helps to moisturize.}

{this product not only works well on those occasional sunburns but the lavender ingredient is perfect for spraying on your pillow to help with a good nights sleep.}

{running around in sandals or barefoot can do a number on your feet. Using a scrub is a perfect way to help remove dead skin as well as moisturize.}

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