More Toddler Meal Ideas...

8:00 AM

Dearest Friends, 

I received a lot of positive feedback from post about baby & toddler meal ideas. For Sunday Brunch, I wanted to share brands I use for quick and easy meals. I wish I could say I make all of my daughters food but if I'm being completely honest, life happens, and I try to purchase the healthiest options when I need the convenience of a meal in just a few minutes...

Have you tried Kite Hill? They make plant based products like yogurts, cheese and ravioli. My daughter loves the chive cream cheese spread on bread or crackers.

Dr. Praeger's is hands down my daughters favorite. Their food is nutritious and made with recognizable ingredients. Another option we like is Hillary's. All of their food is made with organic ingredients. My daughter's favorite is the veggie bites.

My daughter isn't a big meat eater but she does love Applegate chicken nuggets! Lastly, Annie's is my favorite organic brand for macaroni and cheese, spaghetti O's and the occasional cheddar bunnies. Happy Eating!

Image via The Grace Tales

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