Green Living: Five Simple Swaps...

9:08 AM

Dearest Friends,

When my daughter started crawling, I became more concerned with chemicals being on her hands and in her mouth. I decided to make a few easy and economical swaps to our cleaning products. Here are five easy switches you can make in your household...

1. Household Cleaners
I highly recommend swapping out your dishwasher detergent, laundry detergent, all-purpose wipes, etc. for Better Life and Eco-Me products. Both companies have incredible stories about starting their businesses to provide safe and effective cleaning products for families. I know what you're thinking, natural cleaning products like these don't work. Well, both lines really do! I highly recommend purchasing a product through their websites or on Amazon.

2. Reusable Water Bottles, Food Storage
I'm sad to admit that I used to be that person with plastic water bottles in my car and gym bag and plastic tupperware in my kitchen. Upon learning that heating plastics can release chemicals that act like estrogen, I decided it was time to make a clean switch once and for all. I invested in Kleen Kanteen bottles that go everywhere with me. My daughter uses one too! I also love mason jars for storing food.

3. Homemade All-Purpose Solution
I began searching online for a natural surface cleaner when my little one was six months old and started putting her mouth on everything. I came across a homemade recipe by This Organic Girl (bottom of the page).  I combine 1 cup white distilled vinegar, 1 cup water, and a few tablespoons of baking soda in a glass spray bottle. Most everyone has these ingredients at home and if you want to add a scent you can juice 1/2 a lemon or a few drops of orange scented essential oil to the mix. I use this solution on my counter tops, high chair, floor and it gives me a piece of mind that my daughter isn't putting dangerous chemicals into her mouth.

4. Reusable Grocery Bags
It's time to reduce waste and one way to do that is not using plastic bags. Trader Joes sells canvas bags for $5.99 and I absolutely love them. Not only are they inexpensive but are roomy and durable too.

5. Essentail Oils
According to Post, paraffin candles produce a number of harmful byproducts when burned (including toxic emissions). Candles are trendy right now, however, it's less expensive to invest in a diffuser (this one is my favorite) and you can buy essential oils at Whole Foods for under $10. In case you haven't heard the many reasons essential oils are good for you, treating anxiety, aches and acne are just a few.

I'd like to note that these are my personal suggestions and before buying anything, I recommend checking out the EWG website.

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