Baby + Toddler Meal Ideas...

7:30 AM

Dearest Friends, 

When it came time to feeding my daughter solids, I was excited to put my overpriced and underused Vitamix to work. I found myself constantly pinning recipes for puree's and baby led weaning. At nine months our pediatrician gave us the go ahead to give our daughter almost all the foods that we eat. I wanted to share recipes that even our little picky eater enjoys. Plus, they are relatively healthy, and  don't take much time to make! I'd love to hear in the comments your kiddo's favorite recipes...

School Lunch Gallery
{The perfect gallery for meal ideas}

Pea Pancakes

Two Ingredient Pancake
{I cut this recipe in half. You can also substitute cottage cheese for the banana.}

Mini Chicken Meatballs
{I do so many variations to this simple recipe! I also use oats instead of breadcrumbs and it still turns out delicious.}

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