Spotlight: May Lindstrom Skin...

8:00 AM

Dearest Friends,

I have long adored 'skin chef' May Lindstrom. Every one of her products produces exquisite results from her organic and nutrient-rich ingredients.  I cannot go a season without my blue cocoon balm as it keeps my skin glowing! Here are a list of my favorites for your next beauty purchase...

{I love using this balm year round but it's most important work is done in the winter months. It adds hydration to my dry skin and intense healing to problematic skin. I love putting this on my face before bed.}

{This cleanser is a pricey treat for the skin. It takes off the day's pollutants while nourishing the skin. I found this brings a burst of hydration to your skin if mixed with the Problem Solver mask.}

{This is the perfect mask when you're about to get a breakout or already have one. It detoxify's the skin and I found it really opened up the pores and took out all the impurities.} 

{I didn't think I needed a serum until I tried this one. It restores collagen production which keeps your skin young. I find it works best in the morning after toning and before your SPF moisturizer.} 

{Again, I didn't think I needed a toner until I started using Jasmine Garden. It delivers a calming relief to the skin and the smell is a mood enhancer!}

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