Sunday Brunch 1/1/17

8:00 AM

Dearest Friends, 

In 2017, every week I hope to bring you, Sunday Brunch. A brief rundown of photos, articles, and music that inspired me that week. Today is my first installment and it's a perfect read as you're lying in bed or waiting on your tardy friends at brunch... enjoy and Happy New Year! 


Vogue introduces the people, trends, and items that will rule fashion in 2017.

What Happens When You Cut Dairy
Milk products can be a major pimple perpetrator, since they’re seriously inflammatory. (Inflammation is also behind all sorts of other ailments like headaches, diseases, and painful periods, so acne isn’t the only reason to side-eye that tub of yogurt.)

I started drinking bone broth regularly during one of my last flare-ups a couple of years ago. Not only was it soothing for me to drink when I had little appetite for much else, but it is packed full of minerals that are easily absorbed by our bodies and the gelatin in the bones is a gut soother and healer. 


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