How to start a wine club...

10:30 AM

Dearest Friends, 

If you follow me on snapchat (the_mrsvick), you've seen that every month my friends and I get together for wine club. If you've moved to a new city and are looking to find friends; want to expand your current friend group; or just want to get together with your nearest and dearest every month, then I highly recommend starting a wine club! Below are my tips for success... 

1. I think what's made our wine club so successful is that not everyone knew each other but we all have common interests. Try to aim for around 10 people. You don't want it to get too large because then scheduling becomes difficult, we use Doodle Poll and it works well. 

2. Each month, a new person hosts at their home, they pick the appellation/region.

3. Score cards. Everyone presents their wine with a brief background. The group then tastes the wine and individually rates each wine. We use a scale of 1-5. Winner of the night gets bragging rights! 

4. Everyone contributes a dish along with their wine. The person who hosts usually provides a cheese plate and simple appetizers, while everyone brings over something in addition. Whether it's guacamole, cookies, or baked brie - everything is delicious when you've had a few glasses of wine, no? 

5. Summers do get crazy so we typically take July and August off and resume in September. 

6. We made an iPhone sharing album where we post a photo of the winning wine label, its a useful reference resource later when you're buying wine. 

7. My wine club is now six years running. We've branched out to do wine tastings at local wine shops and local wine vineyards. We've done a blind taste test or picked varietals like pinots or chardonnays... get creative if you think you're running out of regions.


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